Growing up in a border region, I felt compelled to look beyond the home turf.  To gain unlimited access to other cultural perspectives, to live and work in other countries, I had to become bilingual.  Languages are pages in a global passport.  Translators and interpreters provide transportation, a ferry service that takes language and meaning across (lit. übersetzen).

After a career path that took me to London, Berlin, Montréal, and Los Angeles, I now work as an independent writer & linguist.  My clients are individuals as well as local and global organizations active in the arts, academia, IT, travel and tourism, and language learning. 

I hold a degree in translation, am ATA certified (American Translators Association) and a member of PEN.  In 2003, I graduated from the MFA Writing program at Goddard College, Vermont.  My writing has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and anthologies.  Book-length non-fiction has been published in Europe and the US.


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